My Story

I am a big animal lover!  My favorite warmer is a gallery and frame that I put a photo of my cat in :)  My love for animals is why I was initially attracted to Scentsy.  I always liked candles but I'm afraid to burn them around my pets- Scentsy is the perfect solution!!!  I get pretty smells and beautiful lights without the fire hazzard.  Once I joined, I fell in love with all the layers products and learned Scentsy is much, much more than just warmers and wax.  I love sharing samples and introducing my customers to new products!   I can NOT wait to try our new diffuser and essential oils and the new cleaning products that come out September 1st- I'll be updating my story once I get to know the new products lol I love gymnastics and wrestling.  I am a photographer- video and still.  I like to sew & cook (though I wish I was more skilled at it- lol).  Scentsy really gives me a chance to show off my creative side by adding special little touches to all of my deliveries and samples.  Contact me if you'd like a sample of something.   I am married, I do not have any human children, just my furbabies!!!  I do have two beautiful nieces that I love dearly and 3 adorable nephews.   Have any questions?  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love sharing Scentsy :)